Part 8, Note 66

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Galveston Tri-Weekly News, November 21, 1873, November 28, 1873; Fayette County New Era, November 28, 1873; Houston Daily Union, December 27, 1870, January 2, 1871; Colorado Citizen, September 24, 1874, April 1, 1875, December 16, 1875, September 7, 1876, December 7, 1876, December 28, 1876, December 27, 1877, February 14, 1878; Colorado County District Court Records, Criminal Cause File No. 903: State of Texas v. Pete Lyons; Criminal Cause File No. 1105: State of Texas v. James G. Ward; Criminal Cause File No. 1145: State of Texas v. William Long; Criminal Cause File No. 1271: State of Texas v. James Byrne; Letter of Camillus Jones, May 6, 1871, Governor's Papers (RG 301), Edmund J. Davis, Archives Division, Texas State Library, Austin. The Citizen took different approaches to its coverage of the murders in December 1876. Of the first victim, Si Hunter, it reported: "The negro killed is said to be of good character, and no one knows the cause of the difficulty. The stranger immediately left, and was not pursued, as no clue could be had of his destination." Of the second, Westley Burford, the Citizen said: "Though the deceased had not the best character, we object to this mode of getting rid of him."