Part 8, Note 73

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Colorado Citizen, February 1, 1877, March 8, 1877, March 22, 1877, October 18, 1877; Records of First United Methodist Church, Eagle Lake, Texas; Eagle Lake Headlight, January 26, 1929; Colorado County Deed Records, Book T, p. 359. What is apparently the earliest record book of the Methodist church in Eagle Lake states that the congregation was organized in May 1872. Though the earliest record in the book is of an 1878 wedding, the books apparently were acquired around 1890. Earlier events were recorded later, but not necessarily in the order they occurred. The congregation, though, certainly dates from before 1873, for one of the listed members is William L. Wynn, who, as we have seen, was murdered in May 1873. The Baptist church in Eagle Lake has no early records. The obituary of John B. Armstrong, in the above cited issue of the Eagle Lake Headlight, reports that he arrived in town in 1877.