Part 8, Note 8

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Poems by Darden were published in Colorado Citizen, February 22, 1872, February 29, 1872, March 14, 1872, March 28, 1872, May 21, 1874, July 16, 1874, November 12, 1874, and April 22, 1875. For the Sutherland Springs material, see Colorado Citizen, August 30, 1877 and September 13, 1877. The Cooper article was preceded by a declaration from Cooper that Darden's version was correct. The declaration was dated August 18, 1870, suggesting that the article was written several years before it was published. Simpson's poetry and prose were published in Colorado Citizen, July 23, 1874, December 10, 1874, April 15, 1875, May 6, 1875, May 20, 1875, July 8, 1875, October 7, 1876, and October 14, 1875. Several other prose pieces concerning the State Geological Survey were published in other issues, but because they were signed "S. G. S." they cannot be attributed to Simpson. It is likely, though, that he wrote them. His poems were signed "S." That they were his is confirmed by their inclusion in his privately published 1900 book, A Study of Nature and Other Poems. The book provides the date and place many of Simpson's poems were written, including two at Oakland in 1864. Though only two of his poems are known to have appeared in print in the period, the book indicates that Simpson was most prolific between 1864 and 1876. Of the 58 poems in the book, thirty bear dates. One other, the title poem, can be dated to 1874 by virtue of its appearance in the newspaper. Of these 31 dated poems, all but three were written between 1864 and 1876. The other three were written more than thirteen years later. More about Simpson can be found in Colorado Citizen, October 29, 1874, May 6, 1875, and September 2, 1875.