Part 9, Note 20

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Galveston Daily News, November 1, 1879, November 2, 1879, November 4, 1879, November 5, 1879, November 6, 1879; Colorado County District Court Records, Minute Book H, pp. 4, 6. It is perhaps a measure of Robert E. Stafford's influence that two issues of the Colorado Citizen, at least one of which certainly contained a report of the killing, are missing, and, though the cause file remains and contains a few documents, the actual indictment is also missing (see Colorado County District Court Records, Criminal Cause File No. 1779: State of Texas v. Warren D. Stafford, et al.). However, it should also be noted that the June 19 issue of the Citizen, which likely contained an article on the killing of Oliver Horace and the mass meeting afterward, incidents in which the Staffords are not thought to have been involved, is also missing, raising the possibility that someone simply removed the more interesting editions written by that year for other reasons.