Part 9, Note 52

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Colorado Citizen, August 28, 1879, August 26, 1880, November 18, 1880, December 2, 1880, December 16, 1880, December 23, 1880, January 6, 1881, February 3, 1881, July 28, 1881, August 11, 1881, August 25, 1881, September 15, 1881, October 6, 1881, December 22, 1881, January 5, 1882, January 12, 1882, January 26, 1882, August 3, 1882, August 10, 1882, September 14, 1882; Twentieth Century History of Southwest Texas (Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1907), p. 463. In 1882, the Colorado Academy had 11 students in its highest grade, called high school; their tuition was $3 per month. The high school students were taught algebra, physiology, composition, geometry, biology, physics, history, natural philosophy, reading, penmanship, drawing, and calisthenics, all by Kate Oakes. The next highest grade, called the first class, had 10 students. The second and third classes had 18 and 35 students respectively. The enrollment in the fourth class was not given. Students in the upper grades (first through fourth class) paid a monthly tuition of $2.25. Oakes taught the third class, Bardenwerper the other three. The first and second classes were taught arithmetic, bookkeeping, natural philosophy, physiology, grammar, reading, history, composition (of both prose and poetry), geography, penmanship, drawing, calisthenics, German, Latin, and French or Spanish. The third class had instruction in arithmetic, reading, geography, history, grammar, physiology, penmanship, drawing, and calisthenics. The fourth class learned arithmetic, reading, composition, physiology, penmanship, drawing, and calisthenics. The lower classes, taught by a Miss Malone, contained a total of 65 students who paid $1.50 per month in tuition and were taught arithmetic, reading, penmanship, drawing, calisthenics, orthography, and German. Of the known 139 students, 59, or 42%, were males.