Part 9, Note 70

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Henry Calhoun Thomas, "A Sketch of My Life," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 1, no. 3, February 1990, pp. 80-81; Colorado Citizen, June 20, 1878, October 24, 1878, June 26, 1879, May 6, 1880, February 10, 1881, July 21, 1881, May 31, 1883. Though Thomas says that Green's death occurred "in the spring of 77 or 78," he also declares that he is "not sure" and that the incident occurred when Stafford rounded up a number of cattle to be driven to Kansas. The April 24, 1879 issue of the Colorado Citizen reports that Stafford was rounding up 9000 cattle to be driven to Kansas in the spring, and the June 26, 1879 issue reports a rumor that a herd of cattle stampeded around Skull Creek, killing a cowboy.