Part 9, Note 73

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Colorado Citizen, March 31, 1881, May 12, 1881, November 9, 1882, December 7, 1882. For Darden's work, see Bill Stein and Jayne Easterling, comp., "The Writings of Fannie Amelia Dickson Darden," Nesbitt Memorial Library Journal, vol. 9, no. 3, September 1999, pp. 131-194. Four other locally written poems appeared in the Citizen in 1881, 1882, and early 1883. The first, published on October 13, 1881, was entitled "Retrospection" and attributed to "H. H. L." The second, "Lines on the Death of a Pet Game Chicken," appeared on May 18, 1882 and was signed "A Mourner." The last two were written by Oakland school teacher A. J. Peterson. His "Christmas" was published on December 21, 1882 and "New Year's Thoughts" two weeks later, on January 4, 1883.