Part 9, Note 74

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Colorado Citizen, May 20, 1880, June 17, 1880. For Klein's works, see Colorado Citizen, November 13, 1879, November 20, 1879, November 27, 1879, April 28, 1881, December 22, 1881, December 27, 1883. The copies of the newspapers which presumably featured the first two installments of "On a Lonely Sea" have been lost. No copies of or further references to Waverly Magazine could be found. Edmund C. Klein could not be located on the 1880 census; however, a man named Adolph Klein was listed in the household of William J. Holbeck, who lived in Columbus. Adolph Klein, whose age and birthplace are given as "52" and "Prussia," was certainly not the same man as Edmund Klein, who is said, in one article, to be "a young author . . . born and reared in Houston." According to the census, Adolph Klein was Holbeck's father-in-law, and therefore, presumably, the father of Holbeck's wife, Lucy. Holbeck also had a daughter, then six years old, named Ada. Holbeck was an Anheuser-Busch Beer distributor and, in 1881 at least, Edmund Klein worked for him. If he was the brother of Lucy Holbeck, he would then be the uncle of her daughter Ada, who might perhaps have been called Addie. Edmund Klein may have been a protégé of Fannie Darden. In any case, in the summer of 1886, she moved into Adolph Klein’s home, indicating she had a reasonably close relationship with the family. She may have taken over Edmund Klein’s old room, for sometime in the 1880s, he moved to Galveston. Another of his Christmas stories was published there in 1887 (see Tenth Census of the United States (1880), Schedule 1, Colorado County, Texas; Colorado Citizen, December 22, 1881, June 17, 1886, December 29, 1887). Another work of fiction written expressly for the Colorado Citizen appeared in the edition of November 9, 1882. Attributed only to "F," its author has not been identified.