Part 9, Note 78

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Colorado Citizen, April 6, 1882, April 13, 1882, April 27, 1882, May 11, 1882, May 18, 1882, January 3, 1884; Colorado County Deed Records, Book U, p. 354, Book V, p. 478, Book Z, p. 438, Book 1, pp. 11, 80. Kulow sold half his property south of town to the man from whom he had purchased it, James Alexander Seymour, on June 30, 1883. He conveyed the other half to his son-in-law, Henry Wagenfuhr, on December 7, 1883. Kulow purchased the tract on which he would build his hotel on November 7, 1883 and began its construction on December 28, 1883. Kulow's hotel was intended to fulfill the desire for a first class hotel in town (see Colorado Citizen, February 17, 1881). The deed by which he acquired the lot on which he built it specified that he had to construct a building that was worth at least $1000.