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Marriage Records of Colorado County,
Surnames Beginning with Q


Queen, Joe (bride), was married to August Emeal (groom, free man of color) on April 2, 1869, by Green Mitchell, Baptist minister (Marriage Book D, page 190)

Quick, Jacob (groom), received a license to marry Mary Ann Washington (bride) on May 15, 1855, but the license was not returned and no date of marriage or other details are given, (Marriage Book C, page 29)

Quick, Virginia (bride), was married to B. G. Cox (groom) on February 21, 1874, by Robert P. Harrison, Methodist elder (Marriage Book E, page 364)

Quin, Mary A. (bride), was married to John A. Ammann (groom) on January 7, 1885, by P. H. Hensley, minister of the gospel (Marriage Book F, page 406)

Quinlan, Cornelius C. (groom), was married to Susan N Shepherd (bride) on February 16, 1854, by Gideon Scherer, Lutheran minister (Marriage Book C, page 13)

Quinn, M. A. (groom), was married to Ann Tallant (bride) on February 15, 1862, by Victor Gury, Catholic priest (Marriage Book D, page 112)